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You will find the most up-to-date exercise equipment in our facility, providing you with the tools you need for enjoying diverse circuit weight training regimens, super cardio exercise routines and strength and cardio maintenance routines. We know you are serious about health and fitness, so you can design your own routines or engage the services of one of our professional instructors for help with strength and cardio training and expert advice on nutrition. After your workout, enjoy a refreshing, hot shower before returning back to work, or going home. Come, join the fun!

For those who are passionate about maintaining, or improving, their body and spirit through eastern techniques, we offer a variety of yoga classes for students of all levels. Our professional yogi can help you become proficient in Hatha yoga and Anahata Yoga. During the intense training sessions, you will learn many ways in which to achieve internal peace and harmony through proper diet, breathing, meditation, mudras and asanas.

Group work-outs
Exercising together with like-minded people is just the incentive many people to push themselves beyond their perceived limitations and expectations while pursuing their fitness goals. People who are interested in actively taking care of their health find group sessions to be very exhilarating and often realize results more quickly. In very little time you will notice a higher level of physical conditioning and a renewed boost in your energy and overall good mood!

Fight club
While participating in our mixed martial arts fighting classes, you will enjoy an intensely stimulating workout while learning to use a mixture of different styles of martial arts in one lesson, including boxing techniques, combat sambo, judo, wrestling, kickboxing, Thai boxing and hand-to-hand fighting techniques. This is a great physical cardio workout with a means of also learning real-world street self-defense.

CrossFit has become extremely popular in the last few years, and for good reason. This road to fitness, which includes any number of combined weight and cardio workouts with varying intensity, allows you to develop endurance, improve reaction time, develop sport- specific strengthening, and also strengthen your heart muscle and respiratory system.

Rest is also important to body maintenance and is a necessary part of fitness. After your intensive training session, relax in our modern sauna to warm and relax your tired muscles. The sauna is only one of the many modern aids offered in our facility. All internal organisms are influenced through the skin and respiratory system and, so by means of moist heat and aroma therapy, metabolic processes are intensified, toxins excreted, and blood circulation is improved as a consequence and keeps you on-track to general well-being.

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