DSport – fitness-club
m. Smolenskaya, Denezhny Lane, 9
+7 (499) 795-12-17
+7 (499) 795-13-18
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Work-outs schedule
modern, high-performance fitness equipment
Group work-outs
a wide array of classes,
including Stretching,
Dance Mix and more
complex fitness workouts combining cardio, isometrics and free weight training
fitness and wellness are blended by our renowned yoga master sharing his 30 years experience in each class
Fight club
a well-rounded mix of various martial arts and self-defense tactics for fitness and practical defensive application
on-site health and beauty salon services
Fitness club m. Smolenskaya / Old Arbat / center of Moscow
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(с) en.dsport.ru m. Smolenskaya, Denezhny Lane, 9
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